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Wine Bottle Tree Specifications (LARGE)
Frame color is Hunter Green
8ft. (96 in.) High with bottles & base
7ft 6in High with bottles & no base
44in wide with bottles
169 bottles (*Provided FREE if Needed)
*Due to expense of shipping bottles (234 lbs),
it is recommended that you use your own bottles if possible.
850 lights with green cord

Cost $1,100

Base Specifications:
6in. High
36in Diameter by 1 1/2in.
4 Wheels & 2 Stabilizers
Sunbrella cover & skirt
(Forest Green fabric)


PATRON OF THE ARTS! The Large Wine Bottle Tree stands 8ft tall with 169 wine bottles and 850 lights. Wow, what a captivating art piece. It is difficult to take your eyes off the bottle tree with its different colored bottles and labels. When the tree is lit, it is hypnotic. It has a subtle warm glow during the day and sparkles at night.
CONNOISSEUR! The Wine Bottle Tree will always remind you of a happy time, especially if you accent the tree with your own bottles commemorating your personal good times. This could be considered a tree of life - your life. Imagine placing the special wine bottles from when you proposed, or your rehearsal dinner, your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, house parties, wine tours, vacations, friends over, etc. This tree can be a chronicle of all the special times in your life. Unlike a photograph in a draw or album, your great memories are ever-present with just a glance at the tree.
SPECIAL OFFER! For a limited time, I will deliver and set up the wine bottle tree within a 120 mile radius of Elmira, NY 14845 at no additional cost. Of course I provide all the cleaned wine bottles. However, if you already have some special empty wine bottles, I would be happy to utilize them.
WINERIES! Enhance your showroom and advertise at the same time. Captivate your visitors with this incredible lighted work of art. I will decorate your tree with 169 of your own empty, labeled wine bottles and you will have one of the most unique advertising displays imaginable. Not only is the wine bottle tree eye-catching, experience has shown it will become a center for photo ops. Those who visit your winery will be showing photos of the unique wine bottle tree (with 169 labels with your name on them) to their family and friends! How great is that? Add our optional base and this becomes a fully functional mobile display.
SPECIAL OFFER for wineries along the Finger Lakes Wine Trail in New York: At no additional cost, I will pick up 15 cases of empty bottles from your winery tasting room, prepare them, deliver, set up and light the wine bottle tree in your winery.